Mandatory registration at the Italian Register of Environmental Operators for foreign companies which carry out an international waste transport in Italy

28 March, 2023

Every foreign transport company that carries out an international transport of waste through the Italian territory must be enrolled in the Italian Register of Environmental Operators under category 6 which is divided into classes based on the volume of the transported waste.

The companies are enrolled in the Register on behalf of the owner in the case of sole proprietorship or on behalf of the legal representative.

For enrollment in the Register these subjects must:

• be Italian citizens, citizens of EU Member States or citizens of another State which recognizes similar rights for Italian citizens;

• be not declared legally incapable or temporary banned from the executive offices of the legal entities and companies;

• have not received a final conviction, also pursuant to article 444 of the Criminal Procedure Code, and even in case of extinction of all penal effects of a conviction or in case of amnesty when:

– the crimes affect the environmental protection laws, including health protection laws, building and urban planning laws;

– the sentence is imprisonment for up to one year for intentional crimes.

The sentence is not taken into account if at least ten years have passed from the final judgment date or the conditional suspension of the sentence has been granted and the crime has been extinguished pursuant to article 167 of the Criminal Code, or has been obtained a rehabilitation;

• are registered in the company register or in the administrative economic repertoire, with the exception of sole proprietorships which will subsequently enroll in the register, or in similar registers of the country of residence, where applicable;

• are in compliance with the obligations relating to the payment of social security and welfare contributions in favor of workers according to the Italian legislation or to the legislation of the home State;

• there are no causes of prohibition, forfeiture or suspension against them pursuant to article 67 of Legislative Decree 6 September 2011, no. 159;

• are not upon initial registration, in a state of liquidation or are, in any case, subject to insolvency proceedings or any other equivalent situation according to foreign legislation;

• are in possession of the requirements of technical suitability and financial capacity referred according to article 11 of the D.M. 3 June 2014, no. 120;

• have not made false statements or falsifications regarding the information for the enrollment.

Procedure, fees, terms

• The applications and the communications for the enrollment in the Register are sent online at the following link

• For legal entities based abroad that fall under category 6 the application for registration in the register must be presented to the regional or provincial section in whose jurisdiction the foreign company has its secondary office or where the company is domiciled. If the transmission of the documentation is done via certified electronic mail (PEC) the interested party can choose any regional or provincial section.

• Fees: €16.00 stamp duty, €90.00 administrative fee, €168.00 government concession fee, annual enrollment fee – depends on the class and ranges from €150.00 to €1,800.00.

• The competent section communicates its decision to the interested party within 60 days.