Activities and Sectors

Professional Legal Assistance

BG Studio Legale assists Companies, Organizations as well as Italian, Bulgarian and foreign citizens in Italian, English and Bulgarian languages.

The areas of specialization are the following:

  • processing of personal data and privacy policy;
  • industrial law and trademark protection;
  • tax law;
  • family law;
  • debt collection;
  • criminal lax.

Representation in Court

Assistance and legal representation of Companies and Individuals in Court in Italy and San Marino.

The firm makes use of a large network of collaborators that allows the management of disputes at national and international level.

Assistance is guaranteed in Bulgarian or English, if requested.

Legal Advice

Professional legal advice on civil and criminal law.

Particular experience gained in employment law, family law, personal data processing, industrial property, trademark protection, commercial law, tax law and debt collection.

Knowing all the legal aspects of an issue is essential to protect our Rights.


BG Studio Legale deals with preparation, examination and evaluation of contracts, with maximum attention to the needs of the client and to the particularities of the specific case.

Experience and professionalism also in preparation of Settlement Agreements.

Relying on a professional in the sector is the key to better protect your Position and Rights.

Legal assistance for Foreign Firms and People

Bg Studio Legale provides judicial and extrajudicial advice and assistance for foreign Firms and People in Italy.

Our experience, competence and understanding of the needs of foreigners in Italy, including the bureaucratic and social difficulties that arise, allow us to offer personalized and professional assistance.

Compensation for damages

BG Studio Legale has been assisting people out of court and in court for years to obtain the maximum damages compensation as soon as possible in case of:
– street accident;
– accident at work, or
– mortal accident.

Our specialized lawyers operate in Italy and in San Marino to guarantee fast, qualified and personalized legal assistance.

Contact us for a first evaluation and we will reply within one working day.

Defend your rights effectively – rely on lawyers to get the right compensationmaximum compensation as soon as possible.

Investments in Italy

Investment in real estate or business in Italy.

Purchase / sale and rental of properties.

Establishment of firm and business growth.

Strategies for entering in Italian market.

Our collaborators, professionals and lawyers in the sector, with many years of experience, will help you understand the legal and bureaucratic aspects and will help you realize your dreams in Italy, to choose and make a targeted investment.