BG Studio Legale was born from the need of the lawyer Boryana Gospodinova to adequately defend and help foreign citizens in Italy.
This need arose during her studies and training; as a foreign person in Italy she encountered various integration problems and obstacles.
For this reason she has learned the fundamental importance of knowing and defending our rights abroad, fighting for the value of our work, minimizing the risks that could occur.
After getting in touch with some Bulgarian communities in Italy, she found the great interest of many foreign Companies and people to be assisted in their mother tongue. Ms. Gospodinova has decided to devote herself to judicial and extrajudicial assistance in Italy and in San Marino in the interest of Companies and Individuals from Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

To date BG Studio Legale manages practices of Bulgarian and Foreign Citizens – Entrepreneurs, Investors and Workers – helping them to effectively and quickly defend their position and rights in Italy.

Skills and professional experiences of lawyer Boryana Gospodinova:
– 2013 Law Degree University of Rome “La Sapienza”;
– 2016 has passed the qualifying examination at the Court of Appeal of Rome with the highest score of her Subcommittee;
– has many years of experience in a well-known international law firm in Rome;
– has experience in the management of cases that present elements of internationality, both in the corporate and institutional world;
– was registered in the Rome Bar Association until 2020; from 2020 she moved to Pesaro Bar Association;
– played the role of Technical Consultant for the Court in the context of a criminal trial before the Criminal Court of Rome;
– guest moderator for Temple University Students at the Campus in Rome;
– 2017 she founded BG Studio Legale which is based in Pesaro and Rome;
– Data Protection Officer since 2018;
– from 2021 started legal internship program for law students with the University of Bologna “Alma Mater Studiorum”
– provides professional assistance as a consultant for prestigious professional firms in Italy and Bulgaria;
– assists companies from Eastern Europe in Italy, including from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Poland, Russia and Romania for example.


BG Studio Legale, based in Rome and Pesaro, founded by the lawyer Boryana Gospodinova, is specialized in management of practices of Bulgarian and Foreign Companies and Citizens in Italy.
Our goal is to guarantee personalized legal assistance, based on the needs and expectations of each assisted party, establishing a sincere and constructive dialogue.
Trust, competence and honesty are the main values that inspire us.
Best protection of the interest of the assisted party is our absolute priority.
Details are fundamental in our way of conceiving the work of the lawyer. We implement an approach aimed at maximum in-depth analysis of the individual case together with personal empathy and the ability of the problem-solver.


Our mission is to allow Bulgarian, Foreign and Italian citizens and entrepreneurs abroad to be supported by competent lawyers who speak their mother tongue perfectly.
We understand the enormous importance of communication between assisted party and lawyer which helps to build a relationship of trust that must distinguish the lawyer’s work. A relationship that is formed also thanks to the same cultural and linguistic belonging.
The law firm is also present in Bulgaria, in Varna, and in major centers such as Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas, in order to guarantee legal assistance also to Italians, allowing them to be supported by a team of highly qualified professionals.
These are the most significant characteristics that make BG Studio Legale a point of reference for Bulgarians and Eastern European foreigners in Italy.


Fighting for our rights and interests today is the best way to protect the future tomorrow.

Our goal is to increase the value we return to Bulgarian, foreign and Italian citizens and companies abroad.


2Legal is a law firm of talented professionals who, after years of experience and training, have decided to start a new business challenge by focusing on two aspects: direct relationship with the client and an innovative and highly qualitative service2

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lawyer Boryana Gospodinova


The lawyer Boryana Gospodinova was born and raised in Bulgaria; in 2013 she graduated in Law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
In 2017 she founded BG Studio Legale.
Currently, Ms. Gospodinova is registered in the Bar Association of Pesaro.
After graduating in Law, she started practicing at an international law firm based in the center of Rome. Thanks to this experience she currently works as a lawyer and assists Companies, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Individuals from Bulgaria and Eastern Europe in Italy, concretely protecting their interests in order to avoid losses and maximize profits.

lawyer Sabina Popova


Ms. Sabina Popova graduated in Law from the University of “Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski” and studied at the University of Milan “Bicocca” with the Erasmus program.
She holds a master’s degree in Law since 2010.
In 2011 she successfully passed the state exams organized by the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Council of Lawyers in Bulgaria, obtaining the qualification to practice as a lawyer.
In 2010 she moved to Italy where she began her professional career as a collaborator in law firm in Pesaro.
From 2016 to 2018 she was representative of the Bulgarian-Chinese Association for Business Development as well as cultural representative of the city of Plovdiv in Shenzhen, China.
In that occasion she covered the role of commercial and legal advisor to Bulgarian and Chinese companies interested in investing in both countries.
Has particular experience in labor law, transport law, succession law, inheritance divisions and debt collection. She is the author of articles and publications in legal blogs.
Bulgarian native speaker, speaks also English, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

lawyer Sabina Popova


Bianka Matakova graduated at the University of Bologna “Alma Mater Studiorum”, in the course “Labor and corporate relations consultant” in 2022, acquired knowledge in matters such as corporate law, trade union law of corporate relations, labor law and others.
Bianka was included in the team of BG Studio Legale in 2021 in the occasion of an internship program agreed with the University of Bologna “Alma Mater Studiorum”.
Bianka has experience in various sectors of civil law, in practices with an international character; she has knowledge both in the out-of-court phase of disputes and in the judicial action phase.
He speaks fluently, in addition to her native Bulgarian language, Italian and English .

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Assistance is also provided in Bulgarian, by email, through national or international calls. Ms. Gospodinova offers an effective legal intervention in Italy and Bulgaria, without communication problems, linguistic misunderstandings or delays due to distance.