Law firm


The law firm is specialized in management of legal issue of Bulgarian and Eastern Europe companies and citizens in Italy.

Our mission is protect your rights.

Mrs Boryana Gospodinova is Bulgarian and practices as a lawyer in Italy where she graduated. She assists Companies, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Individuals from Bulgaria and Eastern Europe in judicial and out-of-court practices in Italy and in San Marino, protects their interests in order to avoid losses of money, profits and earnings. She is currently registered at the Pesaro Bar Association.

Our firm effectively defends the rights of its clients in their requests and claims, helping them also to collect invoices and sums due, with interest.

The assistance is also provided in the Bulgarian language, by email or through national or international calls. We offer effective and fast legal assistance in Italy and San Marino, without problems of communication, linguistic misunderstandings or delays due to distance.

The Story
Lawyer Boryana Gospodinova, born and raised in Bulgaria, is graduated in Law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She currently practices as lawyer in Italy, following the approval obtained after passing the exam at the Court of Appeal of Rome.

After graduating in Law, she began practicing law in an international law firm based in the center of Rome. Thanks to this experience, she has assisted various corporate and individual clients in Italy and in foreign countries.

However, over the years of study and training, mrs. Boryana Gospodinova, as a foreigner in Italy, has encountered several problems of integration and culture that have caused difficulties and obstacles in her path.

For this reason, the she has learned the fundamental importance of knowing and adequately defending our rights abroad, fighting for the value of one’s commitment and work, minimizing the risks and losses.

After getting in touch with some Bulgarian communities in Italy, she was amazed by the great interest of many companies and people to be assisted in Italy also in their native language.

Now she is dedicated to judicial and extrajudicial assistance in Italy in the interest of companies and individuals from Bulgaria and Est Europe.

To date, lawyer Boryana Gospodinova has assisted and continues to assist decision of Bulgarians and
foreigners – Entrepreneurs, Investors and Workers – helping them to defend their position and their rights in Italy effectively and quickly.

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