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International contracts

In the field of international contracts, including sales, BG Studio Legale has gained years of experience in order to meet the needs of the Entrepreneurs in Italy and Bulgaria.

Our law firm has represented various Bulgarian and Italian Companies, of medium and large size, in cases related to:

  • – international sales and defects of goods;
  • – termination of contracts for non-fulfillment, excessive burdens and supervening impossibility;
  • – compensation for damages, reimbursement of price paid and return of goods;
  • – examination, modification and drafting of contracts;
  • – arbitration procedures;
  • – legal representation;
  • – legal advices.

International contracts, their effects, profits and eventual losses are of fundamental importance for any Company.

In this matter it is necessary to contact a lawyer with experience and high knowledge of the sector, since are applicable not only national and European legislation, but also the principles of international law and the various Conventions stipulated between States.

Competent legal assistance is a valuable tool for the Business, a tool that our law firm BG provides to prudent Entrepreneurs for the best protection of Corporate interests and image.


Do not hesitate to contact BG Studio Legale for legal advice –
Our team will manage the case quickly and effectively, providing all the necessary support in order to best resolve any issue.