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Transport Law

Foreign companies in the Transport and Logistics sector have a constant and recurring need for qualified legal assistance for imminent problems related, for example, to the stops and seizures of vehicles and goods, the withdrawal of circulation documents and driving licenses.

This is an area in which offering competent and timely legal support is essential to defend rights and reduce damage including those related:

  • – to the ruin and delay in delivery of the goods, as per contract;
  • – to the administrative stop of vehicles such as trucks which are work tools for the Company;
  • – to registration documents of the vehicles and the driver’s license;
  • – to the risk of confiscation of the vehicle.

BG Studio Legale has many years of experience and high knowledge of the sector.
Our team is able to recover circulation documents, driving licenses and other papers collected by the Italian Authorities and assist the Client in the difficult communication with the Italian institutions.

Our law firm has experience in:

  • – out-of-court legal assistance before Customs, Prefectures, Police Offices to regain possession of documentation; free vehicles subject to administrative detention; re-possession of a driving license;
  • – disputes with reference to administrative seizures and detentions, administrative litigation, internal and international arbitration, recognition of foreign judgments;
  • – logistics and transport, contracts for international logistics services;
    – authorizations from the National Register for transport of dangerous goods;
  • – appeal against provisions concerning vehicles with foreign registration;
  • – advice for owners of cars with foreign registration.

These are some of the reasons why BG Studio Legale is a reference point in the field of transport law for foreign Companies and individuals in Italy.


Do not hesitate to contact BG Studio Legale for legal advice –
Our team will manage the case quickly and effectively, providing all the necessary support in order to best resolve any issue.