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Credit Recovery

BG Studio Legale manages various debt collection practices on behalf of Bulgarian and European Companies and Workers.

Being supported by a lawyer expert in the matter, who can understand the needs and concerns of the creditor, in his mother tongue, can be decisive for the success of the case.

Our experience often allows us to define the dispute with a spontaneous payment from the debtor, avoiding long judicial proceedings.

It is important to explain why the way of conciliation may be preferred by the lawyer over the judicial procedure.

A competent lawyer understands that the judicial phase involves long times and significant costs. Furthermore, there is a risk that pending the proceedings, there are no more assets to seize or that the debtor opposes the procedure.
These are the reasons why the out-of-court settlement should be preferred, if possible, in the interest of the creditor.

Specifically, the out-of-court settlement allows:

  1. a spontaneous repayment, even deferred, of debts;
  2. a recognition of the debt, which could be evidence to more easily obtain a judicial enforceable title, if the debtor does not fulfill.

In the case of a hostile debtor, it is always possible to resort to the instrument of the injunction, by contacting the Competent Court.
Once the enforceable title has been issued, it will be necessary to initiate the forced execution against the debtor.


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